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Alchemy Search is a dedicated, regional specialist in Financial recruitment, focused on Accounting, Tax, Corporate Finance and Treasury appointments.

An independent firm based in Dubai, we connect businesses with talent across the GCC and beyond.

We combine a multinational and multilingual team with direct professional experience, long-standing expertise and a strong personal touch to identify and place candidates from our industry networks – across all tiers and at global multinationals, regional organisations and SMEs.

What makes us different

Our team includes European, Arabic and Asian nationals, who speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Gujarati and Filipino.  

We’re multinational because the GCC is multinational. Inspired by the energy and opportunity this creates, we’ve placed regional understanding at the heart of our company – and always aim to deliver it in the ways we connect with people.  

With Alchemy Search, we promise you’ll never feel like ‘a drop in the ocean’.  

We are not part of a large, faceless organization that covers every sector. Instead, we are a specialized core team, proud to be a successful SME from this region ourselves. As an owner-managed company, we are personally invested in our performance and success. 

We focus specifically on Corporate Finance, Accounting, Tax, Treasury, and Risk appointments. We handle every candidate and client with a personal, dedicated approach.

Nothing beats intuitive, personal insight into how roles work, and what skills and qualifications mean. 

Because several of our senior team have previously trained, qualified and worked in the industry themselves, we truly understand what clients need, and what candidates offer.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach to recruitment. Unlike the traditional, cutthroat culture often associated with the industry, we focus on personalized and empathetic communication with each candidate. We believe that this approach sets us apart from the competition and is the key reason why our clients and job seekers alike choose to remain with us for the long haul.

In fact, our satisfied clients often refer others to us, and we consistently receive inquiries for a wide range of roles and industries. Our philosophy centers on partnership, rather than simply placement. We strive to forge lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates, fostering success that benefits all involved parties. Trust, communication, and respect are the foundations of these partnerships, and we work tirelessly to maintain and cultivate these values.

By prioritizing personalized service and long-term connections, we feel confident that we offer a superior level of recruitment services. Our success stories and happy clients are a testament to this commitment.

Become part of our world!

We’re not just a recruitment agency – we’re a catalyst for the sector in this region. Our aim is to create a community and bring clients, candidates and colleagues together, both professionally and informally.

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