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Yes. As staunch advocates of forming genuine connections, we firmly believe in conducting in-person interviews to properly evaluate candidates. We place significant value on knowing a potential employee beyond their qualifications on paper. For those who are able to physically come meet with us, we look forward to that opportunity.

However, if distance is a hurdle, we utilize virtual meetings as alternative means of communication. In all cases we do not simply peruse a submitted CV or application without engaging in a thorough conversation with the candidate. This is to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of their unique experiences, objectives, and temperament.

Certainly, we fully understand the implications of not providing constructive feedback and follow-up to candidates. Therefore, we remain committed to maintaining open communication channels, ensuring that you remain updated on every step of the recruitment process. Our approach is to remain candid, transparent and constructive in our interactions with you, as your success is our paramount priority.

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