Tiffany Dumamag

Business Support Assistant

One of our younger team members, Tiffany is an invaluable support to everyone in the Alchemy Search family. 

“I’m proud to started working abroad at 21, and Dubai is the perfect place – adventurous and advanced

“Plus, Alchemy is the perfect company. It’s very employee-oriented; your welfare is the company’s topmost priority. 

“It’s also very refreshing here. Compared to a normal office, it’s more relaxed, with flexible working hours. Also, working with people I can learn from is a bonus for my personal growth. I’m pleased to have found these at Alchemy – they’re not aspects you always find easily in Dubai.”

Approach to recruitment:  Great communication skills is key, plus building rapport with people you meet, and creating significant impact on them. These skills take recruitment to even greater heights.

Dubai highlights: "I love exploring new things, and making mini vlogs, so Dubai’s ideal: extreme adventures, amusement parks, beaches and sunsets, discovering new foods…"

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